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Interview with Mr.Achut Godbole

Our group members decided to conduct interviews with personalities within our township premises. We chose different categories such as successful students and their parents, various sports persons and their coaches, and various artists. Whenever lectures were arranged by our various clubs, we never missed the opportunity to conduct interviews.

Among these opportunities, when Mr. Achut Godbole, a famous IITian and author, visited our township for a lecture, we decided to conduct an interview during our Sunday program. A group was formed comprising members from 4th standard to engineering. Atharav Patil, Maitray Gole, Mandar Kandalgavkar, Aarohi Joshi, Nisarg Deshmukh, Kiran Salvi, and Ketan Salvi were some of them. I gathered some information from the internet about Mr. Godbole for basic information and distributed it within our group. The group was divided into responsibilities such as asking questions, sub-questions, and report writing.

We took a prior appointment for the interview, and Mr. Godbole gave us an hour from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm. All our group members reached the Aandvan guest house at 4:45 pm. The interview program started promptly at five o'clock as per our schedule. Initially, everything went smoothly, but after fifteen minutes, Mr. Godbole suggested that since we had already gathered information from Google, he would ask some questions. He asked each member a question and engaged in a discussion with them. He asked common questions about careers, hobbies, and favorite professions, and then asked for details about them. None of the members were prepared for this, which led to some amusement.

Mr. Godbole's method of handling the situation was extraordinary. He managed all the members so well that they all enjoyed the interaction. He shared his life story, including his days at Mumbai IIT where he studied chemical engineering but wrote many books on computers. He also discussed his parenting life, mentioning that his son was suffering from Autism, which kept the family busy with his care. Despite this, he maintained a smiling disposition. He worked for companies like Patni Computers, IBM, and Larson and Tubro, receiving many awards and appreciation for his social work and books. He discussed various study methods with our members.

It was a milestone in the life of every member as they had the opportunity to interact with a famous personality. Mr. Godbole shared his life stories with our Muktangan members for an hour and a half. One of the organizing committee members came to call them because the lecture was scheduled for 7:00 pm. We concluded our program by thanking him, and Mr. Godbole also appreciated our members for their all-around performance in various fields. Memories of interviews...

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