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Muktangan Sunday Activities

Every Sunday activities like sharing current news updates, Skits, Mind training games, Discussions, and debates are organized. These Sunday activities are the core of our development process. All the camps, treks, visits, and interviews are sources for the implementation of the lessons learned during these activities. This inculcates progressive development in children. 

Mind training games & Skits

Inculcate critical thinking, active resposne and positive attitude through games. 

Skit on current affairs to build creative thinking and public speaking skills.

Discussions, Debates & Elocution

These provide children the opportunity to work in a collaborative and cooperative group setting. By having them discuss and organize their points of view for one side of an argument they are able to discover new information and put knowledge into action. Debates help to learn through friendly competition, examine controversial topics and “strengthen skills in the areas of leadership, interpersonal influence, teambuilding, group problem solving, and oral presentation

Inculcate creativity with purpose

Inculcate creativity with a purpose through different activities like making greeting cards  for soldiers on different festivals and occasions, making children aware about the importance of each festival and why is it celebrated and different hands on activities

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