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Interview with Miss Shreya Shetye


MARCH 15, 2024

Muktangan members interacted with Astrophysicist Miss Shreeya Shetye. She is postdoctoral researcher at Research Foundation Flanders - FWO at Belgium.She has done Bsc,Physics from Ruparel College ,Masters in Astronomy and Astrophysics from University of Glasgow, PHD in Astronomy and Astrophysics from Université libre de Bruxelles and PHD from KU Leuven. Interview was a great experience for everyone who participated. She shared very valuable information about the subject of astronomy and its current prospects all around the world. Her journey from school in Dadar to Ruparel College straight to higher education in Europe was very well summed up adn inspired a lot of us. Her guidance regarding foreign education, scholarship, education system, self-sufficient education was remarkable . The support given to her by her parents and teachers from time to time was very important.We loved her thoughtful thoughts about career and passion. She shared all the examples and her life experiences very skillfully. The way our participants asked the questions and the answers that she gave were a very insightful .Hope our Muktangan members will benefit from your experience and get inspired by the same.

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